Welcome to CARC, INC.

We Serve

  • Children age birth to three years who have developmental delays or are at risk of having a delay as determined by the parents/guardians, professionals and other members of the Individual Family Service Plan Team.
  • Adults with severe and chronic disabilities other than a primary diagnosis of mental illness which occur before the age of 22, that result in or may result in substantial functional limitations in three or more areas of major life activity, and are determined eligible by the State of New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Supports Division.

How/Where to Start?

  • Anyone can refer a child to Child Development Services by calling (575) 887-2272 at CARC, Inc. Funding for services is not based on financial status. There is no charge for Service Coordination (case management) or initial evaluation. Additional services are then paid for by Medicaid or State funding.
  • Adults are referred through a variety of sources, (i.e. self, families, friends, schools, social workers, case managers). Referrals can be made by contacting the Support Services Director (575) 887-1570 at CARC, Inc., who will assist in determining further contacts and necessary documentation. Eligibility is determined through the Regional Office Bureau.

Quality Outcomes

  • CARC, Inc. uses input from you and other stakeholders to improve our services.
  • Individualized Plans meet the criteria of the person’s definition of what is meaningful to his or her life.
  • Persons served, parents/guardians, and families participate in decision making and planning.
  • Services received are revised and improved based on the expectations and satisfaction of the persons served, their parent/guardian, and their family.

 We Fulfill Our Mission by Providing:

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