• Transportation
  • Money management
  • Therapy pool avaialable
  • Case management
  • Water therapy assistance
  • On-call services
  • Day Habilitation​
  • Activities
  • Allow for aging in place
  • Home organization 

Residential services at CARC, INC. allows individuals to build a meaningful life. Placement and services are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual with the support and planning based on choice, finances, personal situations and defined goals. 

The residential program is accessible to all persons with mobility needs and provides routine nursing and medical services. Individuals receive supervision, support and training both in all residential settings and in the community. For more information contact the Support Services Director or Administrator of Services at (575) 887-1570.

Residential Services Program Goal
The goal of the residential program is to provide individualized supports that promote an independent environment and lifestyle.  

residential services

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Group Living

Group Living serves adults with all levels of developmental disabilities who are in need of twenty-four hour supervision; have training needs in the areas of personal care and hygiene, money management, self-management, home care, and socialization. There are twelve group home settings offered at CARC. Nine of these are located at the Cherry Lane site, while the other three are located in the community or at Washington Ranch. In these homes, the individual may live with up to nine housemates and receive supports and training in many activities of daily living and socialization.

Independent Living

The Independent Living Program enables individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who do not require twenty-four hour supports to live independently in their home or apartment. Life-skills training are provided in various personal and social skill areas as identified by a comprehensive assessment program.

Group and Independent Living Program Goal:

The Group and Independent Living programs promote maximizing each resident’s independence and satisfaction.

Some of the training and services provided:

  • Personal care & hygiene
  • Money management
  • Self management
  • Home management skills
  • Recreational skills
  • Social skills
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking
  • Case management
  • Communication development

                           For more information contact the Support Services Director or Administrator of Services at (575) 887-1570.

 Training and services we provide:

  • Nursing
  • Medication Administration
  • Double Signature accounts
  • Cooking Skills
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Personal hygiene
  • Community access
  • Cooking
  • Social skills