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In the Work Services Program, individuals learn work and social skills needed for success in the career they choose. On-going training and supervision provides for continual growth opportunities in vocational, social, emotional and community involvement. Income is based on commensurate wage rates in accordance with the Department of Labor regulations. Each program participant has an individualized plan for increasing their job skills and achieving their goals.

Work Services Program Goal

The goal of the Work Services Program is to provide a variety of vocational skills training to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the goal of developing work behaviors needed to function independently and succeed in community employment. 

Work Site Options

  • Horticultural Department – Work sites are located at the Cherry Lane site. The individual learns horticultural skills throughout the year. The plants are sold retail/wholesale at the Country Store.
  • Dining Hall – Teaches food service skills, including: cleaning, food preparation and serving food/drinks. The Dining Hall provides breakfast, snacks and lunch.
  • CARC Document Destruction Services – Located next to the Pecos River, and in partnership with the City of Carlsbad, the Center provides the Community with an outlet to recycle its materials. Clients and staff sort recyclable materials (cardboard, metal, plastic, etc.) and bale them. The bales are then shipped to market.
  • Pecan Processing – Located at the Cherry Lane site. Provides training in the processing of pecans (cleaning, sorting, cracking, packaging, etc.). Individuals process pecans from the public as well as from our orchard. Various pecan products are sold either retail or wholesale. The shells are sold for mulch and the meal for cooking.
  • Grounds – Maintains the grounds at the Cherry Lane site, and community homes. The crew cuts and trims grass, prunes plants and trees, waters, picks up trash, and does landscaping.
  • Plant Rental Program – Individuals work in the community caring for and replacing plants.
  • Janitorial – Provides custodial services at CARC and Washington Ranch. Individuals learn to vacuum, clean restrooms, clean windows, sweep and other janitorial skills.

Supported Employment is paid employment for persons who need ongoing support to succeed in a work setting. Employment takes place in various community settings. These settings may serve one person or a group of individuals. This system is designed to meet the level of support workers need as they become more independent.

Supported Employment Program Goal

Supported Employment is to provide employment services and/or work training and supports needed to enable individuals to secure, retain and/or upgrade employment in the community.

supported employment

Some of the Employment Services Available

  • Help in finding the right job for each individual
  • Help in understanding job duties and pay/benefits
  • Help in understanding how a job might change social security, SSI or Medicaid status
  • On-the-job training
  • Work site supervision
  • Arrangement of transportation
  • Referral to other agencies (DVR, etc.)
  • Ongoing supports that reflect the individual’s current needs
  • Employer contacts and/or intervention
  • Help in developing co-worker relationships
  • Case Management